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here starteth the rant

15 June
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"I consider myself to be a benevolent...ish...dictator" - Harvey Birdman

"I reject your reality and substitute my own" - Mythbusters

I'm an Osgoode Law student who grew up in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. I could read at an adult level at the age of 6, but I still can't work out what change I should expect from the cabdriver. Or use an analog clock. I can (and do) cook, sew, write, and analyse history and literature; I cannot drive, ride a bike, or figure out how the little man in my computer works his magic. I enjoy randomly eclectic movies/TV/music, spend way too much time IMing people, and apparently have a very unrestrained laugh. Summer 2005 I am playing soccer on a team called NT Locomotiv, and my goal is to avoid scarring my face. I like my humour like I like my clothes: black, or at least dark as possible. My many chronic health problems are a source of never ending amusement to me. I am a workaholic and so far have put myself through school. I am a social liberal and fiscal moderate with a queer conservative (NOT "C"onservative) streak that usually displays itself through my deepseated distrust of pure democracy. I love the Canadian Senate and Supreme Court, and am a federalist to the core. Alberta scares me more than Quebec does. I need to learn French. If I was Catholic, I'd be a nun, and one day I'll own forty-seven cats. Lastly, I am the Queen of the Grammar Rodeo.
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