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sarahkeebs [userpic]

Nobody wants to hear it...

May 12th, 2006 (05:25 pm)

...but it's the truth. The Conservatives want to delegalize gay marriage, despite it being a civil right protected by the Charter.

Ok, I realize this is not an objective website, but they've posted a relevant Globe and Mail article from May 2/2006. If you have G&M access you can also find it here.

And there's no arguing that they're just doing what the majority of people want, not only because that's totally irrelevant, but because:
"Two recent Environics polls, in November 2005 and January 2006, found that 66 per cent of Canadians do not want the equal marriage debate reopened. They want the new government to focus on other priorities such as health, education and child care. An overwhelming majority of Canadians support the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which protects equal marriage." (Winnepeg Free Press, April 30, 2006)

The Justive Minister isn't exactly a picture of tolerance either: 
"In 2003, Vic Toews described gay MP Svend Robinson as having put 'the jackboot of fascism on the necks of our people with Bill C-250.' The private member's bill, introduced by Robinson, added sexual orientation to the list of groups protected from hate speech. During the 2004 election, Toews called for the law to be repealed." (Xtra, January 19, 2006)

To quote the Conservative Party platform, "We believe that Parliament alone, based on a completely free vote, should be able to determine the definition of marriage." This statement tells us one thing: The Conservative Party of Canada a) does not understand, or b) is choosing to ignore the Constitution. Also notable is the absence of any "clarifications" of Tory policy on the issue in the myth-debunking section of their website.

Will they? I doubt it. Is it their number-one priority? Of course not. Does it mean that they're incapable of producing sound governance in other areas? Not as a general rule. They support the military and, my fears to the contrary, are apparently all about the refugees. There's no evidence that the abortion fear-mongering was in any way justified. Nevertheless, their consistant willingness to abrogate, if not destroy, the civil rights of a sizable minority group mean that regardless of any otherwise reasonable policies they may follow, I cannot ever support them.  also think it's crucial for other rights and equality supporting people, Conservatives and not, to keep an eagle eye on the issue, and to speak out whenever the Tories stray onto the path of social conservatism, as they are wont to do.